Will Steger and His Views on Global Warming

Will Steger gave a talk on global warming to about 3 or 400 folks on Wednesday. He did this talk at the Museum of the Rockies. His video footage and motion censor footage of ice sheets that are imploding from global warming in Greenland  and Antartica is indeed impressive.

I talked to a friend after the talk and he agreed that the video footage was dramatic. Will Steger was a compelling speaker. He explored the Greenland Arctic and parts of Antartica by dog sled. Impressive!!! Steger said we need to change the mind of 12 US Senators in climate change. Steger thinks we have 2 decades to change away from fossil fuels if we are to survive as a species.

There was political action at the meeting. This action was to encourage Montana Senators to help defeat  Senator Lisa Murkoski’s, a  republican from Alaska, anti global warming science resolution in the US Senate. Personal letters are best.




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