Enough, Already

Global Warming Naysayers, like Inhoffe and his cronies, are politicizing global warming and they are saying things, in the face of D.C.’s huge snowstorm, like where is Al Gore when you need his help shoveling all the snow…

It is frusterating to liston to all of the half truths coming out of the goofy, and I mean double goofy, naysayers of global warming. This, like many other things underlines to me how innefectual our US Senate can be on governing…they are more trouble than they are worth. There are some good Senators but they tend to be pretty bad as a whole as visionaries or leaders.

First of all what is happening in Vancouver is more like what the average person thinks global warming will do to the earth, and it is. As many as six years ago I heard from credable sources that our US weather patterns would be  backwards as a result of global warming; especially in the spring. That is excactly what is happening in the US right now. Scientists were already saying back then when global warming would warm up air masses dumping huge quantities of percipitation on places like the SE US. I chose not to point this out because I have familly and friends who are still digging out from a storm that is three days past and one that occured last night in the SE. I saw the politics of all this arrive with the first East Coast with the first of the snowflakes and I said little then as the snow fell. Now there are some real global warming naysayers spinning there half truths and it is very frusterating. I wish all of these naysayers were forced to watch Steger’s videos of what is happening  in arctic and antarctic climes. The naysayers might be quieter as a result…but unfortunately they would still be naysaying.



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