So Where Are We At On Global Warming?

A few minutes ago I heard President Obama on the TV. He was in Maryland touting Nuclear Energy. I read Dr. Hansen’s book about a month ago and he touted Nuclear energy as a clean energy we needed to use in the US.

This completely go’s against what I have heard, or read, coming from large conservation groups in the US that follow the clean energy debate very closely. Lets say the debate is not whether we have clean energy or not (although there is a lot of debate wasted on that question) What mix of energy should we have in the US.?

Lets say I really believe Hansen is right and we (includes countries like India and China) need to jump over coal as a form of energy. A lot of my fellow Montanans will fight this; and so will a lot of money; It is already happening.

So what clean energy mix is right for the future of the US and the earth for that matter (I see that scenario for sure). Wind and solar energy are in the mix. What is our transitional energy form to get a clean economy? What mix of “clean fuels” should be used?  What roll,  if any , should nuclear energy play in this scenario? My belief is that these questions need to be answered in the next twenty years and they can be answered. We then have about ten more years after that to convert from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy…I am hopeful this will happen. I really think something like this has to happen or imploding ice shelfs and hurricanes and tsunamis will be a part of our lives on a regular basis. Bears and many neat birdlife forms, that I really find as an aspect of the world that I enjoy, are past their tipping point and they may be around for a few decades but I see them as victoms of humans wasteful habits and the waste waste of time (we will waste more time with this fruitless debate because of the funds oil and coal companies will lose in the short term as we conclude the conversion of clean energy must take place.)

If you want to read a scenario out there for us read Tin Flanneries, The Weathermakers. The book is a little outdated on the politics but what Flannerywrites about is coming true as we waste our time deciding wether global warming is for real, or not.



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