Invasive Fish that the Average Fisherman Would Not think Of As Invasive

Not to “beat a horse that is already down” but I have invasive species on the brain” and I can lay this thinking at the fins of Asian Carp. My thinking go’s somewhat like this. I live near the Yellowstone River and the Smallmouth Bass, a predacious predator, is slowly replacing the trout of the Yellowstone as it moves up the river. This is an irritant for the purist trout fisherman, but few modern fisherman realise that Rainbow and Brown Trout were at one time invasives that wiped out much of the native fisheries of the Yellowstone.

My area is a headwater  that features trout like the rainbow, an exotic here also, that outcompeted top tier tier fish in these waters that included the native grayling  and the native Cutthroat Trout. As this water cools down because of global climate change, happening now, the Rainbows and Brown Trout of this area will be displaced by the more aggressive Walleye Perch that is less than fifty miles from tthese headwaters and is expanding its distibution as I type this. This is the same dynamic that allows the Smallmouth Bass to compete in the lower Yellowstone.

A friend of mine, an aquatic Ecologist, said freshwater fisheries throughout the US are screwed up as they are and with a warming climate they will only become even more screwed up as entire aquatic ecosystems begin to warm up. I can go on a lot but I think you get the point…a warming climate will screw up entire aquatic ecosystems that are already discombobulated.



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