Polar Bears Will Be Outcompeted by the More Aggresive Grizzly Bear

For those of us who are genuine ursine admireres I put up the article about grizzlies showing up near Churchhill, Manitoba, on the Hudson Bay Coastline. Two years ago (maybe more years ago), on this blog, I predicted that the polar bear gene would be reswallowed by its very close relation, the brown bear, as a resilt of a warming climate…and this article shows that it may happen.

A couple of observations: I think polar bears are specialised, carnivorous bears very close to the brown bear. There is an article on, “Carnivore Conservation News” that writes about how the polar bear has already survived global warming. My thought is that that is a little like saying because we have record snowfalls in the NE Corrider of the US global warming must be a figment of our imagination.

Polar bears may have survived a climactic warming trend but they survived this over the period of several thousand years. The current human related warm up will probably happen in 100, or less years, and that is far too quick for any species to adapt to let alone polar bears; one of the lowest reproductive rate animals that exsists in the animal kingdom.

You can go to certain areas of the north and see an expanding polar bear population. Now you can go to some of those same areas and, like this article shows, the more aggresive grizzly bear is showing up.

Polar bears will hybridize, or be out-competed, by the smaller, more aggressive grizzly bear. Who would you bet on, a 600 pound, large female polar bear and her young at a food source or a 600 pound, large male grizzly. I would put my money on the large grizz male every time. That scenario may come to pass commonly in about 30 years as things, especially clinate, change dramatically, I think it will be a period where all bears will suffer and most will die out.



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