More on White Bark Pine Blinking Out and the Escaping of Methane Gas on Sea floors

I really think white bark pine will blink out because of the mountain pine beetle. While trying to save the pine is prospectively a noble thing (huge acreages in steep, isolated places must be cut quickly) the US Fish and Wildlife Service should not have delisted the lower 48 states grizzly bear in the first place. Now they, like on polar bears, are like children caught raiding the cookie jar, or like deer in a car’s headlights, and their answer is to dig in on something that our lack of political will will have a hard time stopping. Now I think our time will be best spent for the wolf and grizzly to put our focus on keeping wild mammals, like the elk and bison, in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. Their carrion and young will keep the grizzly and the wolf surviving at some level… viable would be my hope, in this wild part of the lower 48 for a long time, if we as a species last to conserve wolves and bears in general.

I am very hopeful, but political will to do anything is in short supply these days, even with an administration that thinks clear on the politics of things like global climate change.

You know I read a disturbing article today about a University of Alaska Researcher finding sea floor methane escaping in an isolated part of our oceans.What are the potential ramifications of that? Stay tuned!!!! We could reach a “point of no return” on a climate that we are changing. How sad, sad, sad.


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