More On Druid Wolf Pack

I am not a wolf watcher but I am a bearwatcher-in the first order of bearwatching. I have seen more than my fair share of bears and when you watch bears you will often see wolves no matter where you are, but the Druid Wolf Pack, more than any other wolf pack, provided the primary wolf entertainment in my life and I cannot believe how much I will miss them. I thought for a lot of years that honor was to go to the former Rose Creek pack of wolves in Yellowstone. I watched the Rose Creek Wolves kill elk and harrass grizzly bears to the point where I held a grudge against Yellowstone’s Wolves for many years. You do not appreciate how good wolfwatching in Yellowstone can be (at least that is true of me) until you are away from it for awhile. I saw the Druids and the Rose Creeks on day 1 of their Yellowstone exsistance and I recall environmentilists considered the reintroductions of that time to be quite a feat. Wolves, at the time, were also already in Northwestern, Montana on their own accord and I was bias against transplanted wolves but no matter how they (the wolves) got to Yellowstone they provided (especially the Druids and Rose Creeks) hours of roguesh entertainment as they killed elk, coyotes and black bears right before my very eyes and I find I would not trade those experiances for any I have had and I have had a lot when it comes to North American Bears, other wolves, mustellids (like the wolverine and Fisher) and even mountain lions…I have lived a charmed life and the Druids really added to that charm. I will miss the Druid wolf pack.


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