Glacier National Park and Its Glaciers

I am tired of cable news and the congressman Masse story. I stayed up all night worrying about more important things (in my estimation). Now I am really tired.

You probably were already aware of the sad melting of Glacier National Park, Montana’s glacier melting. I know I have written about it on this blog, but I never thought about these meltings in the context of my younger daughter who might not see these glaciers. My older daughter and older son have seen these glaciers.

I would like my younger daughter to see these glaciers before they are gone. I was a trailcrew in that park so I have seen the great changes in those glaciers over the years (for the worse).

I cannot tell whether, or not, I am just being anxious about these global warming related meltings but I see them as an iconic symbol of what is happening to our world as a result of global warming and the fact that my younger daughter may not see these glaciers is a pox on our world that frusterates the hell out of me. This change is happening as I write this post and it is disquieting.


2 Responses to “Glacier National Park and Its Glaciers”

  1. klem Says:

    But the planet has not warmed enough to explain all of the melting. It has only warmed .75 degrees in the last 100 years. So why all the melting of this glacier?

    It’s a glacier, so it relies on snow at the top. For galciers, if it snows it grows, if it stops snowing it stops growing. The glacier you refer to has stopped growing because it has stopped snowing at the top. Perhaps it stopped 100 years ago. It has always melted at roughly the same rate as today, but the growth was always larger than the melting. Now that it has stopped snowing and it has stopped growing, the melting has become the dominant phenomenon. It is not global warming that is causing the glacier to disappear, it is a lack of snow. You must understand this huge difference. Call your local University and ask their glaciologists about this; talk to glacier experts about glaciers, not environmentalists or the media. Just a heads up.

    • grizzleo Says:

      I strongly dissagree with the above comment and I am talking about more than 1 glacier; at least 5 glaciers that I know of and every glacier I have seen has receded in the past ten years and the area did have more snow 25, or so, years ago. I do know the temperatures of this area have gotten warmer…just how much I do not know, but I have many sources on that.

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