Criss Crossing Glaciers and a Great Debate

I read with great interest that there are highly educated climate skeptics who are skeptical of the skeptics. Climate Change has indeed been part of the human past…but I find the argument that we have nothing to do with the current changing climate almost laughable. The climate is changing at light speed for ecological things and the human species, the worlds greatest change agent, perhaps in paleogeological history, which humans are reltively new to, are probably right in the middle of this change. I do not see climate change scientists like Hansen as wrong on a changing climate, and the human footprint in this change. Al Gore may be the only climate change truthsayer that I know who is getting rich off of the climate change/ human-responsability argument. I view Gore as important and smart and as far as I am concerned I really would rather see him rich from it as opposed to the impostors who are getting rich as they try to connect humans with increasing loads of carbon, methane and other lesser carbon gases.
If you are at a loss in this debate it is fair game to use your gut to pick a side, but do not jump off a cliff as glacier’sr criss cross each other…


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