A Phylosophy That Informs My Viewpoint of Evolution

The climate debate reminds me very much in the debate on evolution. To my viewpoint you can believe in Evolution and your religious traditions at the same time. An example may be in the “Jesuit” thinking of the Catholic Church. Many “Jesuit” thinkers believe that evolution is a real dynamic, yet they have faith that the workings of their religion is real.

I, for one, have viewed evolution as a real thing most of my life. That is dogmatic when I did not understand the workings of evolution, to a much broader view of evolution now, based on the changes and the science of evolution, or the refinements in evolution as a scientific process.

I have never had a fundementalist viewpoint of any process, evolution included. That defintely informs my view of the world, a view that I find quite comfortable and wear like a pair of old, comfy slippers.


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