Exotic Animals A Sad History About To Repeat Itself On The Great Lakes

It could be the Asian Mongoose in Hawaii, or the Norway Rat in NY City or a House Sparrow in a parkinglot in Sioux Falls. It does not matter the history of exotic mammals is that they do outcompete native animals and this has been documented many times and these days that does not bode well for a lot of species.

I am annecdottally aware of this very real scenario. I have watched a European Starling chase a Red bellied Woodpecker away from a prospective nesting hole in Delray Beach, Florida. I have seen European Starlings nest in a stand of Australian Melaleucas in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Native birds did not nest at all in these same groups of trees which have been transplanted and are now expanding range in Southern Florida, in fact native birds seemed to avoid stands of Melaleuca trees.

For this very reason I do not want to see Asian Carp get into the Great Lakes (I have carried a lot of articles on that potential disasator in this blog.)

The Bozeman, Montana (where I am from) area’s native fishery might be rubbed out by exotics like the rainbow and brown trout and now these staples are threatoned by the Smallmouthh Bass and Walleye of this area (what a mess), or the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout is threatoned by Lake Trout that got into Yellowstone Lake. Cutthroat are an important food source for a subpopulation of Yellowstone’s grizzly bear. Snakefish threaten what is left of any native fishery in places like Washington D.C. , and on and on, a truely sad occurance globally and associated with human beings. That disastor threatons to repeat itself if Asian Carp get from the Mississippi drainaige to the great lakes if we let this happen.

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