How Yellowstone’s Grizzles May Die Out as the Result Of Global Climate Change

There is an emphasis to get the wolf relisted under the Endangered Species Act and for many reasons I want that to happen. Even more Threatened, from my perspective primarily because of global climate change, I see subpopulations of grizzly, like the Yellowstone subpopulation as even more Endangered as their habitat and a major food source is decimated by pine bark beetle incursions that are the result of a changing climate.

To watch what is happening to wolves watch their prey, because ranchers attitudes in this area will never be an idicator of the wolves health…as long as ranchers run livestock in this area there is not a history of sharing space and livestock with wolvesf or sure.

Grizzlies are a subspecies of brown bear. They are more (by far) longer lived than the transplanted and highly predacious Gray Wolf. As whitebark pine, and their nuts, die out (the dieing out of whitebark pine in this area was already happening as a result of pine blister rust) the grizzly bear will turn more and more to hunter’s camps for food and compete more and more against the much more efficient wolf for protein of ugulates lik the elk (bears already compete with bears for this food). As the pine beetle wipes out the lodgepole pine habitats that are used for security by grizzly bears bears will also be slowly wiped out…its a no win for the bears that will play out over a twenty year period or in the lifetime of a grizzly bear;this will not happen overnight and then one day it will be noticed that there are very few grizzly bears around the Yellowstone Ecosystem and now was the good old days for once healthy populations of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear.
As just ten miles to the north a Bozemanite buys another Outback Subaru they are not connecting that purchase with the slow dyeing out of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear.


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