The Right News and Stuff From the Garage

I get the message…Tiger Woods will be at the Master’s golf tournament in April…and did you know Sarah Palin came to a John McCain political rally to help boost McCain…big whoop!!!All of this has captured the T.V. media’s attention while Cap and Trade slogs its way through the US congress and so forth. I find our lack of attention to these things that matter real disturbing in fact my finger hurts as I wag it as I hear about nonessential “news” like Biden dropping the F-bomb…I say who cares.

On another topic a gentleman worked on a $100 dollar camera and weather balloon to take photos of his house in the process he got photos of planet earth and these same photos cost about 100 times less than they would cost the US Government to do…Friedman, in his book “Hot, Flat and Crowded” writes about this kind of enginuity being spawned in American garages. Gladwell talks about this type of intelligence and he is not US centric. Gladwell, in Outliers, and an example he uses the is the Beetles to show how this type of “home grown” intelligance is spawned throughout history. I see this balloon as an example of this kind of thinking and I agree, “better late than never”.


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