Global Climate Change; Proliferating Like Weeds

I caught an Amtrak Train from Florence South Carolina to Washington D.C. All the way I saw Kudzu Vines and I also saw bamboo, Japanese Honeysuckle Vines and so on. What these have in common is that they are exotic plants and with global climate change in the form of increasing temperatures they will expand their distribution and threaten the endemic plants and native biodiversity of entire ecosystems.

Fires and pine beetles are the scourge in the west . Whacky weather and water that will decrease in the west and there may be more than bargained for in other areas…

This, and more, will probably happen and some of this is starting to happen now.

I see a strange world out there and it will get stranger if we let the route of the problem, fossil fuels and inneficiencies proliferate like weeds.

We now probably have some control over the worst outcomes but we need to get busy and stop fidgeting around on this problem.


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