Spring Is A Time To Watch Wildlife

Today I am going to write about two things I find that very much I enjoy. One is Spring migration Birdwatching and the other is Spring Bearwatching.

I do not know how much time I have left to do these advocations which I do enjoy so much but I do plan to do these two advocations to the best of my capabilities which are much more limited now. I have a neurological disease that continues to degenerate.

First of all I have watched birds aggressivly since 1967 and I have aggressively watched bears since 1972.

I live near Yellowstone National Park which is a good birdwatching area and a good bearwatching area. Except for certain parts of Alaska it may be the best place for watching brown bears. There are parts of coastal Canada, like the Khutseymateen, that are excellet for Brown Bears but few areas are as good as Yellowstone for spring bearwatching and since 1995 the park has been good for wolfwatching.

Last year I started to Spring birdwatch on April 16th in Montana at Freeseout Lake near Chotea, Montana. I watched about 250,000 snow geese and maybe 3,000 Tundra Swans, Ferruginous Hawks, Golden and Bald Eagles,Pintail Ducks and so on.

You know raptors and waterfowl have already started to migrate here and birds that overwinter here have already started breeding here. As the old soul song sings, “I am so excited.”

I am going back to Santa Cruz, California for some of the spring so I may see some unusual birds this spring. I will keep you posted and I will always break in with new and dangerous global warming news as I hear it.


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