Springtime in Montana

I can say that today was the nicest day this spring around here. I heard a Sandhill Crane on the western edge of Bozeman, Montana…I also heard Merlin Falcons near the Gallatin County courthouse, near where they nested last year. From what I can tell spring has sprung in Montana…I also heard that male bears were out of their den in the Yellowstone National Park Area. My guess is that with this warm snap that all bear’s will soon be out. The first food they look for will be spring carrion (whatever dies in spring that is protenacious.) I heard discouraging news (I think highly related to climate change). The news was that we will have a drought in parts of western, Montana this year because one half of the snowpack that is expected that area was found…did I say an early fire season. I read that some expert gave an overly optimistic prognosis on the grizzly bear in this area. This person said that this areas bearpopulation will grow by 5% per year. If there is as much pine bark beetle damage as can be expected my guess is that as we lose bear habitat we can expect to lose bears at a rate that will be unsustainable in a dcade or less. We will see whose opinion is accurate in time.


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