The Lasy Environmentalist, A Telivision Show

There is a show called, “The Lasy Environmentalist” that actually looks very interesting.

I have been an environmentilist for 30 plus years and I get snarky when I hear all of the new converts to envirenmentalism these days.

As an example the news anchors on regular telivision are “out of the closet” environmentlists and actors on cable’s CW network are environmentalists. My snarky side says, Oh come on…my pragmatic side says, the more the merrior…I say, the more the merrior.

The Lasy Environmentalist is seen on the Sundance Channel, on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm.

Tonight at 11:00pm,on MSNBC is a special about the American energy addiction and solutions to this addiction.

The lasy environmentalist includes me and a lot of my friends…but the news piece about the program talked about camping and making smores (graham crackers, Hershey Bars and marshmellows.)

Smores is a part of my camping and it brings back many fond memories for me. The use of smores was put on the piece about camping…produced by, The Lasy Environmentalist. The piece on smores was right next to a piece on camping with a micro wave oven and cooking up popcorn…very funny stuff.

When my older children were children we used to laugh at people who camped and brought telivisions with them. They would plug into a generator. What was done for
T.V….but I have to admit it was very fun to watch those folks.


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