From the Wall Street Journal By Siobahn Hughs…Interior Department Delays Offshore Drilling In Virginia

Still traveling so look for erratic post’s. Here is one I got in the news from NRDC…

WASHINGTON—The Obama administration, facing a vast oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and calls to limit offshore drilling, on Thursday canceled meetings that were key to proceeding with new leases to drill off the coast of Virginia.

The Interior Department had planned three meetings in May to allow for public comment as part of the process for auctioning off leases to explore for oil and gas off Virginia. On Thursday, the Interior Department said it was “temporarily postponing public meetings on potential offshore activities” so a review of offshore drilling safety issues requested by President Barack Obama could be considered at the meetings.

A spokeswoman for Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who had pushed the Obama administration to allow drilling off the state’s coast, called the decision a “pause” that was a “prudent step” to ensure that the BP PLC oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico was “appropriately studied.” She said that the move shouldn’t change the Interior Department’s plans for a 2012 auction of leases to drill in Virginia coastal waters. An Interior Department spokesman said that the effect on the 2012 sale “wasn’t clear.”


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