Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update

Like the Eveready bunny this spill seems to keep spilling. As we watch our Gulf Coast deystroyed by this spill yesterday’s Freidman piece seems to make so much sense. I put Friedmans Op-Ed piece in yesterday’s Naturalistjourneys blog (see below).

Quotable quote: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar: “We don’t know whether it’s going to be minimal or not. It could be catastrophic. BP is on the hook to make sure that everything is made whole including the environment and the people that will be affected.”

This afternoon’s summary:

It’s been a month since the Deepwater Horizon blew up and sank, leaving thousands of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Yet there has been little movement in solving this problem. BP has a new theory on how to plug the leak that it plans to initiate on Sunday. The federal government is trying to evaluate on its own just how much gas is leaking into the Gulf. The Environmental Protection Agency has ordered BP to use a less toxic dispersant. On shore, elected officials and the folks who make a living on the sea are getting more desperate every day. Congress has been holding hearings but making little headway in finding the cause or the fault of what is becoming the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. Where do we go from here? An independent commission will be looking at all the angles. BP is promising to pay everyone for all their damages. The good fishermen and industries along the Gulf coast are beginning to really hurt. But there is something positive to report. The loop current appears to be losing steam, and it may be less likely that the oil spill will be picked up and move along the East coast in the Atlantic -Just a little bit of good news today

One Response to “Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update”

  1. The Destructionist Says:

    In the next four weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop at least 300 points upon growing fears of the ongoing economic crisis looming in the United States and abroad as instability in Greece and other European countries suffer the devaluation of the Euro as it tumbles into “no man’s land.”

    BP’s latest attempt to cap the oil pipeline 5,000 feet underwater (a.k.a. “Top Kill”) using robots will fail. They will then come up with a “new plan” out of thin-air in an effort to seal the pipe and to instill confidence in the public. The Obama Administration will finally step in to take control of the operation, adding much needed resources in an effort to assuage the outrage being felt by Americans everywhere over this environmental catastrophe. A team of engineers and scientists will be sent down to the ocean floor, via bathyscaphe, in order to view the damage head-on and to make assessments as to how to repair the damage.

    Is this a future foretold, or just simple deductive reasoning?

    You decide.

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