Gulf of Mexico Birds

I posted this on the NRDC web site http://www.WeLoveBirds

As I post this comment birds in the Gulf of Mexico are being devistated by oil. My feeling is that birds that use barrier islands are taking the bulk of the damage-this would include species like the common Laughing Gul, the Sandwich Tern and the Black Skimmer.

As the oil seeps into the marsh we will see more Brown Pelicans and birds of prey, like the Osprey “oil slimed”

I see wading birds taking a beating from the oil because of the way they hunt and their prey choices. If the Snowy Plover is a resident breeder in Louisiana, I see this species becoming more Endangered than it already is from the gulf oil. This will certainly be the case if this oil impacts Florida or Texas.

I see Clapper Rails being hit hard by Gulf Oil…I could go on but I do not bird in the area where the oil spill travesty is occuring, but every time the telivision shows a picture of an oil devistated bird I do wince. I am sure you do also.

Global climate change will soon negatively impact the worl of birds as we know it. Tragedies like the spill in the gulf pile on to what is already a tragedy.



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  1. Arron Tillman Says:

    Wow am I literally the first reply to this great article?!

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