Wolverines and Their Way

Douglas Chadwick just wrote a book called The Wolverine Way, about research of Glacier National Park Wolverines and Chadwick and his latest book struck a chord with me. Chadwick was a wildlife biologist now a writer and photographer for National Geographic.
At one time I was a trapper for the Border Grizzly project. Chadwick was a well known wildlife researcher who concentrated on mountain goats, at that time in the South Fork of the Flathead River.
I recall at the time that Dr. Maurice Hornocker was the head of the wolverine study and concurently he reintroduced fishers to the South Fork of the Flathead. He had a hispanic grad student do all of the field work on wolverines. The grad student was Fernando (?) When we were out groundtruthing grizzly bear locations we were supposed to groundtruth wolverine locations in our area. Twice I ran into Chadwick doing the same thing.
Since then I have seen about 10 wolverines in the wild and I can say wolverines seem faster and sleeker than they seem in literature.
I have talked to Chadwick 4 times in length and I have seen him in the backcountry at least 5 more times chasing whatever.
Chadwick strikes me as a very credable person and if his book is like him I can only see it as credable.
My guess is that wolverines are very hard to photograph, but if anyone can photograph them Chadwick can…I can only hope so and I will find out.


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