Biota Update; Gulf Oilspill

I too hoped the “top kill” method would plug the leak. As I said last night the leak goes on. I feel helpless and can only watch this disasrter unfold. For me, on this blog, I can report on wildlife impacts of this spill.
I have seen video footage of 4 different pelicans oil slimed and being cleaned by wildlife rsscuers, my guess is that the slime toxicity will eventually kill these pelicans and I am sure by now that a lot of Brown Pelicans have been oil slimed .
I have seen 3 video clips of 3 different loggerhead sea turtles oil slimed and definitely struggeling as a result of the oil sliming. Sea turtles are now, or soon if they survive swimming possibly through the oil spill, on the shore and nesting…when the young turtles hatch they waddle over the sand and many will survive the predators that survive the oil spill and then await turtle hatchlings as they hatch and swim into the water…the hatchlings swim back into the water to spend time in cover and protection against predators and feed…the chance is high that these hatchlings will be slimed by spilt oil and these hatchlings will die from the oil slimed on them . The oil will get into the marsh and it has high potential to kill marsh biota. Carol Browner calls this the largest environmental disaster in the US and that is saying a lot.

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