Luck and Grizzly Bears

I cannot work on grizzly bears anymore but after many years working on them I have grizzly bears on the brain.
I just finished Scott McMillion’s book, Mark of the Grizzly…and my thinking is that it was scary but good as a read.
Scott was one of those guys I never met, he lived 25 miles away and seemed to know a lot of people I knew, but I never met Scott. I think too bad.
My thought, and I can blame Scott for provoking a lot of them, was that I avoided mice and slept in a K-2 Expidition Tent about 500 yards from where a spring weight 595 pound grizzly regularly ate. After reading Scott’s book I can say I was a lucky person.
I new three of the persons he wrote about in his book and I new their areas intimately, including some of the grizzly bears in the areas they (the people Scott writes about) were in. I also new that the persons Scott writes about were very aware of the grizzlies presence and I would describe these persons as very experienced when it comes to bears. The only thing I can think is that I was very lucky, I was very aware of bears and what they can do but mostly I was lucky even with several close encounters with bears.


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