Global Warming Talk at Bird Conference in Missoula, Montana

I was at a Montana Audubon Conference this past weekend called “Wngs Across the Big Sky”. I had a great field trip to a location called Ninepipes National Wildlife Refuge. An old friend showed us Long-eared and Short-eared Owls. Ninepipes is an old stomping ground for me.

At evening we had a wonderful talk by Doctor Steve Running, Regent Professor of Ecology and Forest Conservation at the University of Montana. Doctor Running also sits on the board of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

He just finished reading a book entitled: “Stop Being a Scientist” (or something like that). So he told us because his extensive slides of graphs were largely ignored and because studies show that we the general public respond better to talks that come from the heart and “gut” far better than people respond to speeches from the head. His science was in Carbon Levels, and his bias was from speaking from the head (most scientists do), but this time he was going to try to speak from the heart. So he tried and I thought he pulled his talk off.

The primary jist of his talk was this in trying to get the huge message out about global climate change and our survival of us as a species he felt there were three factions: 1) the converted like us, 2) sceptics, and always enemies 3) the “no opinion” group: the largest group and a group that requires the most message from the experts. I see a lot of those persons in Bozeman, Montana and I believe Doctor Running was absolutrey right. How do you make slides of graphs interesting and ripe for the person with no opinion on global warming…how do you have no opinion about our survivability as a species…according to Running a lot of persons do not worry themselves about issues that might happen in there “future”.



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