Global Warming and Montana Birds

In a paper entitled, “Global Warming and Montana Birds, it shows that birds in Montana, will be impacted (negatively) by a warming climate; these include White-tailed Ptarmigan which will disappear as trees grow in the alpine. Sage Grouse, which will disappear as sage steppelands fade out with a warming climate. Gray Jays will disappear as wet, fall habitat becomes scarce, now preserving Gray Jay caches, predicted to rot food sources for young birds as the climate gets warmer and finally pine bark beetles will wipe out Clark Nutcracker food, like the Whitebark Pine Nut as the temperatures warm up.

The same paper shows that Christmas Bird Counts are showing a northward distribution of birds attributed to a changing climate. In Montana a 350 mile distribution shift to the north was shown in the Pine Siskan; this as a result of a warming climate…things are happening now as our climate warms up.


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