A Victory For the Grizzly Bear and Other Things You Should Know

Some good news for the grizzly.

Victory for Alberta Grizzly Bears: Mel Knight, Alberta’s Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, announced the listing of Alberta’s grizzly bears as threatened. Louisa Willcox and others at NRDC played a major role in the campaign and development of an exhaustive science-based document written by Jeff Gailus, “The Grizzly Challenge: Ensuring a Future for Alberta’s Grizzlies.” NRDC supervised and underwrote the costs of the publication. The publication provided the tipping point — so much pressure that the provincial government had to do something positive for Alberta’s remaining 760 grizzly bears, which live in seven increasingly isolated sub-populations. Thank you to Louisa Willcox who has worked to conserve Alberta grizzly bears for two decades and to Susan Casey Lefkowitz who helped develop the framework of the report.



In late May, a federal court in Fresno temporarily lifted the protections afforded by a biological opinion for California’s endangered salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon from the effects of the State’s massive water projects, and threatened to enjoin protections under a complementary biological opinion for delta smelt. The preliminary injunction, which expires this month, was granted by the same judge who ordered that the biological opinions be prepared in the first place (in response to successful NRDC lawsuits) in which he recognized the jeopardy posed to native fish by water project operations. Nevertheless, the judge has now found that the federal agencies must analyze the impact of protections for listed species under NEPA on “the residents and communities impacted by the water supply limitations.” Kate Poole and Doug Obegi are helping the Obama Administration defend the new biological opinions and will keep fighting to reinstate these critically important protections.


NRDC Climate Update

Murkowski Defeated!: Congratulations to the entire NRDC team who worked so hard to defeat the Murkowski resolution. Special credit goes to our legislative team, especially Franz Matzner, Antonia Herzog, and Jamie Consuerga, who pulled out all stops to win this, Heather Taylor-Miesle, Richie Ackerman, and Corry Mckee for all their tireless outreach to our many supporters and to the many members of the Development and Communications Teams. Frances Beinecke said “Today the Senate voted down a misguided step backwards. Now it needs to continue moving forward, this summer, to pass comprehensive legislation that curbs our dependence on oil, puts limits on carbon pollution, and puts America on the path to a clean energy future.” On to victory on climate and energy legislation! Fantastic work.

In the last week, the White House and President Obama have turned their attention toward climate legislation calling for the passage of a comprehensive bill this year. See Dan Lashof’s blog, “Timing is Everything: The Battle for Comprehensive Energy and Climate Legislation Has Just Begun .”

We are running two ads inside the beltway: The first ad highlights the National Academy of Science report and conclusions on the climate science and the second underscores that more than 6,000 American companies that are part of American Businesses for Clean Energy support strong action on clean energy and climate legislation NOW.

Working with CEW, Adrianna Quintero organized a very successful trip with 10 Florida Hispanic business and community leaders to Washington, D.C. to deliver a strong call for action on clean energy and climate.

Barbara Boxer does a lot of hard work on climate change and energy policy. It would be bad if California votes her out because of her hair…shame on Carly Fiorino.


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