Beautiful, My Version

Today is a beautiful day. There is hardly a cloud in the sky, it is brilliant green from the rain we have had and the mountains rise up all around me. I actually like Sunday’s because I have written about non urgent things pertinent to my blog.Today is Sunday and I am going to write about beauty pertinent to my blog.

I am going to talk about beautiful things that I have seen that have inspired me.

Here are some beautiful things I have seen.

The first time I saw a Blackburnian Warbler, with its flame orange breast, flitting near the top of a tree, was while I was sitting on what I called a soap stone boulder, the bird was near the top of the canapy of an elm tree, and I watched the bird with Tasco Binochulars. I remember simular experiences with other songbirds (males) such as Scarlet Tanagers, Prothonatary Warblers, Western Tanagers and Painted Buntings.

I recall seeing beautiful patches of wild flowers like Blue Gentians, Yellow Monkeyflowers and meadows full of Shooting Star and Alpine Buttercups mixed together that were beautiful.

Then there was the up and down world of Barring Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana or the many verden green, up and down world of many of the bays of Kodiak Island, Alaska. These places literally took my breath away they were so beautiful.

I see these as sherly beautiful sites, and I have seen a lot of beauty in the world. I have to remind myself of those observations when there are trajedies to dwell on like the Gulf Oil Spill.

I see this as a very different than seeing your children born or running into a grizzly bear along some backcountry trail. May you also find beauty in the areas you are pursuing things in, I know I have when I am not looking for beauty.


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