More Bird Impacts and the BP Oil Spill Disastor

If this oil spill damage persists into the winter, and it will, highly endangered Snowy Plovers, rare Semipalmated Plovers, Wilson’s Plover, Roseatte Spoonbills perhaps the Whooping Crane, the Reddish Egret and lots of shorebirds will be negatively impacted with the Brown Pelicans and other bird species that are already taking a beating from the oil spill.

I just now heard Trent Lott (now an oil lobbyist) and John Breaux say we should trust the oil companies to stop leaks and do some deepwater oil drilling and we need to save Gulf Oil Jobs now…insanity I say.Lott said that with a straight face as he shared the screen with the BP oil leak.

Matthew Reid


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