An Energy Policy Can Bloom As a Result of the Disator on the Gulf…Lets All Be Hopeful

From NRDC…this is a possible and good outcome from the Gulf disastor…

Dan Lashof spoke to the New York Times about the possible impact the oil spill disaster will have on passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year… In a Reuters article, Bob Deans emphasized that current estimates of the amount of oil spilling into the gulf daily are “exponentially worse” than what was originally reported … David Pettit spoke to Bloomberg about BP’s financial responsibility for the oil spill and how fines are contingent upon the number of barrels of oil leaked… In an MSNBC article also picked up by the Today Show’s website, Al Huang commented that anything covered with oil needs to be treated before it can be disposed of; even bird carcasses need to be treated as hazardous material…

In a Wall Street Journal online article, David Goldston explained that offshore drilling “shouldn’t resume until a presidential commission appointed to investigate the disaster completes its work”… Goldston also suggested in USA Today’s Greenhouse blog, that “BP is not being as responsible or responsive as it should be”… Lisa Speer was interviewed by New York public radio station WNYC about the possibility of oil from the Gulf spill reaching the East coast… In a Chicago Tribune article, Henry Henderson spoke out against moving forward with the construction of a sewage sludge cooker that local regulators admit is a boondoggle.


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