Gulf Disaster Update fron NRDC What President Obama’s speech was lacking
John Dickerson writes: It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. He offered the rhetorical flourishes we expect and was specific in some cases… But something was lacking … The speech felt like more of a management update of the crisis than an attempt to take command of it.

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New York Times: A call to arms on the oil spill
Evoking the spirit and language of predecessors who used the same setting to send troops into harm’s way, Mr. Obama cast the effort to cap a well as part of the American determination to shape its own destiny, Peter Baker writes.

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New York Times: Maureen Dowd on Obama’s failings
Maureen Dowd writes: You know the president is drowning — in oil this time — when he uses the Oval Office. And do words really matter when the picture of oil gushing out of the well continues to fill the screen?

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Chicago Sun Times: Obama makes nice in Oval Office, but is spill well capped?
Lynn Sweet writes: There were two audiences for Obama’s speech Tuesday night: those who were directly impacted and want to know where to go to get their claims settled and their water cleaned up, and the rest of us who have the luxury of getting a lecture from Obama on weaning ourselves from oil.

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Washington Post: Courland Milloy: Taking a hard line on BP
How could anybody pump gas at a BP filling station these days? Look closely at their logo. That’s no environmental green and sunny yellow circle. It’s a toxic, flesh-eating spore. Just touching one of their slimy nozzles ought to be enough to make you hurl.

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Times-Picayune: An assault on our shores
We plan to hold the president to his word. Our state and region are counting on the president to follow through. We also want him to understand that his most decisive response to the oil spill — a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling — threatens to capsize our already struggling economy.

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Press Register: Obama’s plan may be a good one
The takeover of BP’s oil spill compensation process can help those whose livelihoods have been lost or curtailed by the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico — if the proposal President Obama announced last night truly speeds things up. ¶

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Jackson Clarion Ledger editorial cartoon on Big Oil:



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