Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disastor Update

Editorial comment on the Gulf oil spill

Washington Post: Kurtz: Obama faces a gusher of criticism
Howard Kurtz writes: President Obama has finally united the country. Everyone hated the speech.

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Washington Post: Broder: Obama is slipping in the oil spill
If there is any value in President Obama’s knocking himself out to dramatize on prime-time television his impotence in the face of the Gulf of Mexico calamity, I wish someone would explain it.

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Scripps News: Obama does what he can but the spill is BP’s to plug
Obama can cheerlead; he can curse; he can invoke great engineering achievements like the moon landing; but he surely realizes that almost no matter what he says or does the public isn’t going to be satisfied with him until BP plugs that hole.

Read more: Obama Is Delusional on Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts
I think it will be many, many years before most Gulf Coast residents agree with the president’s assessment that life down there will be better than before the BP disaster, Bonnie Erbe writes.

Read more by Bonnie Erbe:

Miami Herald: Where’s the sense of urgency?
Mr. Obama wasted a priceless opportunity to inject a sense of urgency into convincing Americans to commit themselves to a future where oil is a minor player, replaced by sustainable energy sources.

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Palm Beach Post: Is Obama still leaking?
President Obama did Tuesday night what usually gets him through a crisis: He gave a speech. This time, his speechmaking failed him.

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Las Vegas Review-Journal: Finally, fellow small people. The president looks good
President Obama finally has found someone who in comparison makes him look good, writes Sherman Franklin.

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Huffington Post: Obama’s speech: Not the turning point he had in mind
Dan Froomkin writes: “How unmoored from reality are Obama and his top advisers to think that some pretty words with so little substance could accomplish so much? ….Talking about energy and not addressing climate change and the need to limit carbon is fundamentally dishonest — and condescending. Obama knows better. He acknowledged as much in the presidential campaign. But apparently even the Oval Office backdrop didn’t give him the guts to call it like he sees it.”

Read more from Dan Froomkin

The Daily Beast: The Downside of Brit-Bashing
We in America may feel like bashing Britain for the BP oil spill, but we might want to think twice—we need Britain as an economic ally now that Europe is having troubles.

Read more from Joel Kotkin

New York Times: BP begins to ante up
There are a lot of reasons not to trust BP. The US government must hold the company’s feet to the fire. But the $20 billion is a good start.

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New York Times: How much will BP really pay?
9 experts are asked to assess BP’s $20 billion deal.

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Courier-Journal: Obama and leadership
The President is not a magician, and most thoughtful Americans do not expect him to be. They do, however, expect him to lead. More of that was in evidence on Wednesday.

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Times-Picayune: Another president, another set of promises
Stephanie Grace writes: To those who lived through Hurricane Katrina, the levee breaks and the long struggle back toward normalcy, Tuesday night’s presidential address offered more than a little deja vu.

Read more by Stephanie Grace:


Politics Daily: Oil Leak and BP: Brits Take Tea


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