Some International Findings from EPA Analysis of the American Power Act

Some good things from the disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico might happen. The opportumity seems to be there will we take it!!!!!From the good folks at NRDC.

The Obama Administration has just released the US EPA analysis of the American Power Act and it shows that US action coupled with reasonable actions by other countries will put us on a path to preventing the worst impacts of global warming. It also shows that a lengthy delay in the deployment of international offsets will have a very minimal impact on the cost of the program. Both findings address issues that opponents to comprehensive climate and energy legislation use to argue that we shouldn’t take action or that it won’t really be as cheap as everyone says (my colleague summarizes how EPA’s analysis shows the draft bill is affordable, equitable, and effective).

So let’s take each of these points in turn. To read more on EPA’s findings related to this two issues see:


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