Carp Found Near Lake Michigan Renews Call For Action

This invasive, excotic species of fish is most of the way to the Great Lakes!!!! This is from NRDC in the news.

June 24, 2010

By David Schaper

A 20-pound Asian carp has been caught just 6 miles from Lake Michigan — beyond an electric barrier designed to keep the huge, invasive fish out of the Great Lakes. Now some groups are calling for dire action, saying government efforts at containment have failed.

Commercial fishermen working on behalf of state and federal agencies netted the 35-inch-long bighead in Chicago’s Lake Calumet on Tuesday. It’s the first physical specimen found in the Chicago waterways above the electric barriers. But officials said it is too soon to know whether it means an Asian carp invasion of nearby Lake Michigan is imminent.

Scientists say if Asian carp — with their large size, voracious appetite and prolific reproduction — become established in the Great Lakes, they could starve and crowd out native species and decimate the region’s $7 billion fishing industry.

“We feel that we have to start to get some additional information about the significance of this population,” said John Rogner, assistant director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, in a conference call with reporters announcing the Asian carp finding Wednesday. “What we’re trying to determine now is, does this represent an individual fish in the lake or is it part of a larger population?”

‘A Highway For Invasive Species’

Rogner says officials have no way of knowing yet how this particular fish got into Lake Calumet, whether it was dumped there by someone or swam upstream to the lake on its own.


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