General Wildlife Adventures Continue

I like the birds of Santa Cruz, California, then I do like the mammals of the area also. The scenery is otherworldly also.

I live in a pretty part of the world so I do know about pretty scenery and nearby are some of the greatest forms of wildlife.

My area has 2 bear species, the gray wolf, coyotes, mountain lion, wolverine, elk, moose, bighorn sheep and so on.

In birds in summer we have the Western Tanager, Swainson’s hawk and Sandhill Crane. In winter we have Merlins, Bohemian Waxwings, Rough-legged Hawk and so forth.

At Santa Cruz, last week, I saw Sea otter, California Sea Lion, Harbor Seals and Beecheys Ground Squirrel, amongst other wildlife. I saw these wildlife at Point Lobos State Park.

On the bird front I saw Acorn Woodpecker, Pigeon Guillemot, Ana’s, Allen and Rufous hummingbirds, Black-shouldered Kite, California Jay and California Towhee, Chestnut backed Chickadee, Brandt’s Comorant, Western Gull and more; a wide variety of birds.

I feel I must give a shoutout to the birds of the South Carolina Coast. I saw a lot of special birds there, but many of those birds were already very familiar to me.

On the scenery level Big Sur, California is defenitely the best, but it now lacks the golden bear (a brown bear), but what a great looking place where non-forested mountains meet the coast.

I also saw some neat birds in Washington State and Nevada…honorable mentions for sure.


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