My Bone To Pick- the “King James” Free Agency Versus Climate Change

Another bone to pick on. I am watching the news and there is as much news on where LeBron James Free Agency will land him as there is news on the trajedy in the Gulf. To further put this in perspective there is no news on global climate change; an issue of humanitie’s survivability.
Let me make it clear, I like Le Bron James and do not view this fascination with his free agency as his fault, but I do not see Jame’s free agency as even close to comparable to global climate change, nor is James’s free agency on par with an oil spill, one of the earths all time environmental disastors, in our Gulf.
News folks are nuts and they let their fascination and ours (the public’s) infatuation with Le Bran’s free agency get way out of perspective.


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