Large Bears On the Brain

I think a lot about large bears these days. In large part it is because I have a bear calander hanging within eyeshot and this month it features a large brown bear hugging a tree.

I recall hiking in roadless country, in the midddle of the Hayden Valley, in central Yellowstone, almost stepping on a large grizzly bear that was fast asleep (I assumed he was a male bear) but I cannot say for sure. To this day I feel lucky.

In Alaska I recall running into a large bear along the shore of Karluk Lake on Kodiak Island one early morning. The bear stood up and checked me out and with more luck coming my way the bear ran off into the brush along the lakeshore.

We were filming bears for a bear film. I was a consultant to the film crew. Along the north BC Coast a huge bear we called “the bufallo bear” was following a bossy, large female bear we called patchbutt (guess where she was shedding?). It was almost humorous how such a large bear was complient to his partner as they grazed on Carex aquatilus.

I was in the lower branches of a Sitka Spruce on Afognak Island and had a large brown bear pass right under me. He could smell me but had no idea I was just above him in the tree.

I saw a lot of large bears and I was not their food, just lucky around them….


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