Happy Fourth

Happy fourth to all of you. I am going to take tommorow off.
In spite of setbacks (I percieve them as setbacks) I am going to take the time off anyways and who will care anyways. What is a percieved setback? Well let me qualify; I percieve the setback and here is one; I read yesterdays Yahoo and they wrote about the invention of a BMW electric auto that BMW will have hit the streets next year. Let me first say HOORAH for BMW.Then I think again and wag a finger…I have known 4 BMW owners over a thirty year period, I am pretty average, or I was…and the Hybrid Chevy Volt is supposed to cost 32,000 dollars. Who will buy that when Toyota’s Corrola cost 18,000 dollars and most consumers will buy that and be happy with the 35 miles per gallon they will get on the highway…unless you live in Bozeman, Montana than you will buy the Subaru Outback so other consumers can love all of the mud you pick up on an old logging road. As Louisiana continues to lose birds…and rusty brown from pine beetles ambles further down the mountains I will pause and capture my breath. I only wish the USA was still in the world cup and there was a game on the tube. Instead I will settle for the Last Airbender and small, but large Bozeman Fireworks…you know when I had young children those firewoks were otherworldly…half the fun was watching wide eyed children react to fireworks. Now I enjoy sitting where I live with disabled folks like me and watch the patriotic fire works shoot up in the sky… I still see wide eyes just 50 year older wide eyes. Those days when my older children had wide eyes are replaced with a good change in spite of my many small fusterations, again….Happy Fourth and you are lucky, like me, to pass through this place.!!!!


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