Hopefully Grizz At Obsidian Cliffs Not a Thing of the Past.

This morning I did a southwest Montana thing…I went down to Yellowstone National Park to observe grizzly bears feed on wolf killed ungulate carcasses and to show this to a friend who has never seen a grizzly bear a bear`and this behaviour…mission accomplished.

We also saw a female grizzly bear with three cubs of the year hunting elk near Obsidian Cliffs where it was very rare to see a grizzly bear in years past. I would surmise that this bear was the daughter of what was known as bear 264, who was hit sadly near the Obsidian Clffs by a car as she tried to cross the road. This female with 3 cubs of the year hangs out in a lot of the same spots that bear number 264 did, unfortunately she is trying to be a regular at Norris Campground and that is not good. The rangers at Norris should shut Norris down for people and get Carry Hunt, and Carrilien guard dogs up in Norris to discourage this mamma and her young at Norris (see Doug Chadwicks one of many good wildlife books titled: True Grizz, to read about Carry). It is worth a try!!!!

Rangers will go out of their way to give deference to a mamma grizz but once fed at Norris..momma and her cubs are as good as dead…at least thats the history and Obsidian Cliff Bears are certainly a thing of the past for grizzly bears…and sadness will again rear its ugly head in Yellowstona National Park.


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