Bear Literature Has Not Changed and It Is Still Good Literature

I cannot give you the Gulf Coast Oil Spill update I get from NRDC because it is the weekend and my source is off.
Another topic that has riveted my mind, front and center, is global warming and I have many sources there…but most of those sources take their weekends, rightfully off, climate change is a grim topic.
Unfortunately, the Gulf Oil Spill and global climate change are still ticking.
As this blog says one of its topics is bears. To put bears in perspective It is a topic that I am very familiar with and I have crystalised my opinions on bears (pretty much).
Lately I have been busy catching up on bear literature and I can assure you that literature is still very rich.
I will say that I really enjoyed Doug Chadwick’s (wildlife biologist from Montana now a National Geographic Author) book, True Grizz. I also really appreciated Scott McMillion’s, Mark of the Grizzly…a book that gave me renewed respect for the grizzly bear…and helped lead me to believe I am one lucky person when it comes to bears.
I am now reading, the Mark of thr Bear. Let me say right up that the books editor, Paul Schullery, is a good author in his own right. One of my favorite books is Paul Shullery’s, the Yellowstone Bear. I should say right up front that I know some of the authors used by Schullery and I consider them good folks.
First of all I am a fan of the photographs Schullery uses, such as the grizzly photos on page 16 and 18. Both of these photos epitomize grizzly bears I have seen in the wild. In short I like all of the authors used in Schulleries great book, and most of the photographs in the the Mark of the Bear.
Let me add Frank Craighead’s, the Track of the Grizzly and Jim Halfpennie’s, the Yellowstone Bear in the wild.
If you are going to spend any time in grizz country I highly recomend that you read, Dr. Stephen Herraro’s, Bear Attacks, Their Causes and Avoidance…a good, but scary read full of good information. Let me reiterate an obvious sub point of Herrao’s book keep a clean camp.


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