Little Things That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint That You Can Do

You can reduce your carbon footprint now…here is how!!!!
Buy a cheap hybrid car. Use more energy efficient lightbulbs…go to Walmart to buy these bulbs. Use mass tansportation when you can….it is quite good and efficient. Usen green technoology on your house, (insulation and windows and so on). Use a waterfilter in your refrigerator and use a waterbottle instead of an inefficient water plastic throwaway bottle.
There are many good websites that feature inexpensive and neccasary green efficiencies that we can all adopt in the short term and these efficiencies are available now and will not cost someone in the US their job…it can only help so do it.
If you have ideas there is a small but receptive adiance here. Write your idea down here and it will get used.


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