Another Bone To Pick: Sarah “Barracuda” Has No Idea How Momma Grizz’s Protect Their Young

It is no secret that I do not like Sarah Palin and here is a bone to pick about her latest ad on momma grizzlies.
First let me qualify this post by writing I have been told by many people that I am no fun to go to a bear movie or movie about indian tribes of the plains horse cultures with because I quibble to much about little facts. Well here is some first rate quibbling and it is about an ad that features bear behavior; a subject I am keen on and most of you could care less about.
Whoever made Sarah Palin’s ad about momma grizzlys has not been around the same momma grizzlies as I.
When a grizzly stands up (any grizz) my experiance is it is trying better to tell what you are or if you even poze a threat.
All charging mother grizzlies I have seen, and I have seen about 10 momma grizzlies charge for a variety of reasons, came fast, on all fours and they had there ears flattened out on their crown and they slobbered and growled as they charged.
You would think Sarah Palin would no this but I have been around small towns in the west and Alaska for over 30 years and I would say these facts are not well known by anyone…my guess is that hardly anyone has even seen a charging female grizz.
I would say that sight is rarer than a governor signing a bill into law so Palin can take that myth out of her ad as far as I am concerned because momma grizz’s do not protect, there young from a standing position, at least that is not what I have seen.


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