Nice Smells and Good Birding Between Two Great National Parks.

Like most others I see this latest development in the Gulf with Missouriam eyes-Show Me. Will BP be able to put a new cap on their well? Will this new cap nock off 100% of the oil leakage? If I have learned anything it is that the disator on the Gulf is ongoing and any good news from down there needs to be verified
Now the smell and weather up here reminds me of a good thing…one of the things I did in my sparetime (not much spare time) was I guided trips down in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.
There is a visitors center between both parks that fetures an Indian Museum with a great book shop in it.
I would take groups to visit the museum and remember birding, religiously, it smelled nice and coniferous there (evegreen) in the parking lot of the museum and seeing Gray Jays, Pine Grosbeaks, Golden crowned Kinglets and Rocky mountain Chickadees there on a yearly basis.
I see the pine bark beetle scourge in this country and it looks horriffic and it will leave devistating consequences, in particular, to bears. This winter coolness and huge amounts of precipitation have slowed this process down, nevertheles this process is going fast and has great potential to happen this decade at the current rate.


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