Some Nesting Birds In Bozeman, Montana

My NRDC source and my other soueces on the gulf and global warming are on their weekend break. I have not been down to Yellowstone National Park to see bears in over a week.
I have seen neat nesting birds in this area so read my post on what I have seen, or heard in the way of birds around Bozeman, Montana this week.
Behind my apartment a Yellow Warbler sings its heart out every day (at least for now). There is a field out in back of where I live and frequently I see American Goldfinches, Song, Vesper and Savahna Sparrows back there. I have seen and heard numerous Western Tanagers around Bozeman. Black-capped Chickadees, Cedar Waxwing, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Swainsons and Redtailed Hawks, Caliope Hummingbird, Yellow headed Blackbirds, Cinnamon Teal, Chineze Pheseant, Gray Partridge nest here and I have seen them this nesting season.
As far as birds to expect I have heard and seen House Sparrows, House Finch, Mallard Duck, Common Raven and American Crow. American Robin and Common Grackle and the ubiquitous European Starling abound around here.
Behind here is a community garden, a large field and a BMX park…very popular…across the street is community fairgrounds with a great fireworks display and now the smell of rodeo stock pervades it.
A friend of mine says a pair of horned owls are there. My guess is that they probably hunt Norway Rats, feral cats and roosting Rock Pigeons. This is a neat area for birds.


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