More On Yellowstone National Park Grizzly Bear Watching

To asure myself I would see grizzly bears when I went down into Yellowstone I would go to a roadless spot I called the knolls. I cannot reccommend this spot because now I believe it was not a safe place to watch grizzly’s from…what I am saying is that it was a stupid spot to watch bears from.

I saw grizzlys whenever I went in there and that was a lot. Going into the knolls we passed through a backcountry geyser basin dominated by a mountain called Sulpher Mountain and I usually saw grizzly bear tracks in there on the Ryolitic Sands. There were always bison in there…and at times they could be scaryer than grizzly bears. I saw numerous grizzlies in the knolls but only once did I see a black bear there over a 15 year period I hiked into the Knolls:
Trivia: I once saw a mother grizzly and her cub of the year near the knolls chase a male bear twice her size from a bison carcass. Fhe male tried to claim the carcass by peaing all over it but the tough female bear did not back down…
I got the impression she knew what she could get away with and that the large male bear might have been one of her cubs or her brother…she sure yammered at the much larger bear and forced the bear of of the carcass he wanted to feed at.
The rule of thumb is that females will not bring there cubs into those situations because large male bears might kill the cub…not in this case.


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