Watching Inspiration!!!

Today I take a self imposed break from the Gulf Oil Spill and the reality of a changing climate.

I birded in 5 states during the spring migration recently. Some of the highlites this year were Acorn Woodpeckers and Black throated Gray Warblers in State Parks near Santa Cruz, California.

Many of my expected birds, like the Trumpeter Swan and Bald Eagle, are considered unusual birds in other parts of the country.

I saw, 14 grizzly bears, 5 black bears and 14 grey wolves this spring, a low number of sightings compared to sightings per day in my past. I saw this number of critters over a 3 day period in Yelllowstone National Park. I also saw, several thousand bison, several thousand elk, 500 mule deer (or so), 200 white taled deer (or so), several hundred pronghorn antelope,1 mountain goat, 60 bighorn sheep and so forth; pretty good for a guy who is watching his wildlife watching skills degenerate by the week.
Prettyiest sight was Point Lobos State Preserve in California, the nearby Big Sur is an eyepopper also.


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