Yes, I To Am a Naysayer…But With Right There is Might

There has been a lot of bad news resuling from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and there still is…but the worlds climate is warming up as a result of human activities (a bad thing). April through June is as hot as it has been in recorded time. Skeptics are still skeptical in spite of the heat. Global warming is the reason the earth wilts and our climate warms up. So what do these naysayers need, because the next step is for some of us to heat to stroke. It is bad enough that we are going to lose the Whitebark Pine, many glaciers (including those in Glacier National Park), major ice fields in the north and south, many ecosystems. The result is that a bad outcome is worsened. I have spent an adult lifetime working on bears and I feel that within this century we will lose the brown bear and the polar bear…among many species.


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