Birds of South Florida

I ran a nature center right on the beach just north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 5 years, four of them in the early 2000’s before I was diagnosed to be disabled.

Trivia: I saw an average of 11 aligators each time I birded (frequently), I saw a 7 foot iguana in a canal in downtown Fort Lauderdale, I saw lots of Everglades Kites near where I lived, I drank coffee and in the nesting season I saw Spot Breasted Oriole almost on a daily basis for 2 months a year, I birded Fort Lauderdale with a local celebrity and saw 19 species of parrots and conures that day in south lauderdale, mostly.

What brought all this up was a picture today in a day calender I have by David Sybley. Todays bird is Monk’s Parrot, actually a conure and a very common nester in the area I lived in Fort Lauderdale.

I actually consider Montana home where I have lived for 31 years.


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