More Thoughts

There is the Gallitan Valley fair. A lot of noises again.
Ocassional cows braying. There is a siren. Teenage girls screaming. The whoop, whoop of young males. A country singer.
And there is about 100 people, average age of ten, at the BMX park next door. An announcer is calling races over a loudspeaker. The starting gate opens with a whoosh as racers race around the court.
I am not a curmudgeon so I listen and gasp`like a bear waiting for the sounds to end and real naturalistjourneys to start again.
Tommorow I will fish the Gallatin, a headwater of the Missourri, from a raft especially fortified for the disabled. I have fished since I was seven and bet I will catch something…we shall see!!!!


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