Bones To Pick

It would seem to be enough and it is definitely off topic but I was working out (desperately trying to lose weight) and I had the national news on in the backdrop. The news did its 30 second bit on the Gulf disastor and tropical depression Bonnie and a heat wave in the eastern US…then I sat through 30 seconds of Lindsey Lohan non news and to make matters worst Lindsey Lohan was in her prizon cell and there was not even an interview of her. Then the news did a 1 minute piece on “viral” videos that were watched on the internet this week. I know what you are saying…”cool your jets Matt”, but as we face a climate disastor and the worlds largest environmental disastor my ears and face start burning when I hear the national news give equal time to Lindsey Lohan’s plight and now viral videos…Maybe I am reading too much into that “stuff” but equal time for Miss Lohan and viral videos…come on!!!!!

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