Grizzly Kills a Camper Near Yellowstone National Park

Soda Butte is a great place to see grizzly bears in the spring nearby, near a town called Cooke City, just in Montana, is a campground called Soda Butte. A camper was killed their by a probable adult female grizzly bear with 3 cubs of the year.

The campers were sleeping and cannot be accused of having a dirty camp which is a reason why a bear might kill a person as the bear rummages in the camp looking for a marsel of food.

The adult female was caught today in a culvert trap with her cubs and has the dead campers remains on her. The female adult bear will be euthanised if she is the guilty bear and the cubs may have their lives spared but they will never again see a free day.

Some Perspective…adult female grizzlys may be the most productive bears in a slow reproducing subpopulation of bears. This adult famale bear will be removed from the population if she is considered the bear who killed the camper.Using high figures there may be 1600 grizzly bears left in the lower 48 states.

Over that same area there are 200,000 human beings.


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